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The Union under attack?

Instead of an advanced review of our comic, Comic Book Resources has posted the equivalent of an attack ad against us! Their latest edition of Publishing Follies is a precautionary tale against the practice of hiring costumed convention models! How could they?!

We’re disappointed that the Union was not consulted for this article, but we’re not surprised. Though we only skimmed the piece while surfing the Web for porn, we can only assume that it is meant as an attack on our livelihood and is designed to deter convention exhibitors from seeking the services of costumed performers… and, thus, taking money out of our pockets. Therefore, we are outraged.


The author of this piece of so-called journalism, going by the ridiculous pseudonym “Todd Allen,” claims to be some sort of “professor” at a ”Columbia College” in “Chicago” of all places. Ha! This Mr. Allen uses a lot of fancy terminology, like consistency of character and trained actors. Had Mr. Allen interviewed one of our representative, he’d have realized that such lofty ideals have no place in the Union of Novelty Costumed Performers and would have immediately given up his crusade against us.

This is almost as upsetting as that unsanctioned Anthrocon 2007 that we got wind of recently. Friggin Furries.

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