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The 12 Steps of Christmas…

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Christmas is a magical season of wonder and joy… even in River City. But seeing as how our usual Santa isn’t up for parole until 2015 after getting busted for kiddie pr0n and breaking-and-entering, we had to bring in some new talent this year. We found this guy in the alley behind Mother Effer’s. Once we clean the puke out of his beard and find him some pants, he’ll be perfect!

Merry Xmas from Division 18

SCAB HUNT — The Division 18 Prizeless Costume Contest!

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Our second issue is in the December Previews and it’s only a few days away from going to the printer — so we want to celebrate! And nothing makes us happier here at Union Headquarters like beatin’ on scabs… but we need your help tracking the scumbags down and taking the fight to them.

Friggin scabs

Look at this motley bunch, photographed just seconds after we kicked in their door and used them for batting practice. This is the kind of trash we’re lookin’ to take out. So send us any photos you have of creeps like these, the best ones (ie, the ones that help us get our knuckles bloody) will be posted right here on! (E-mail your pics to or post them to our group on Facebook.)

Word of warning to all entrants: The only thing that chaps our asses worse than a scab is a rat…