hard boiled eggs

I’ll tell ya wha’choo can stick in yer stocking!

A Christmas Message from Jimmy “The Snake” Hatch:

Ho ho how ya doin’, kiddies. Happy Jesus Day… unless yer one a dem other denominations, like Quackers wit his eight days of potato pancakes and crappy presents. Happy whatever it is you get happy about. I just wanted to remind all a yoos what a great last minute gift an issue of our comic book would be. It’s only three bucks fer those a you dat are hard up fer cash, and it’s got pictures in it fer those a you dat are idiots. Click on through dis here computer link, an’ you can order up a few copies today! (Buy a couple a extras fer New Year’s an’ Valentine’s Day too, cause my wallet ain’t gonna fill itself.)

And don’t ferget… ’tis always da season fer a good beat-down, so yoos better take my advice an’ buy some books to keep me jolly.
Yer Pal,


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