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Issue #3 Pencils

Where is Issue #2?!?! That’s the question on everybody’s lips. I wish I had an answer for you, faithful readers (all 3 of you). But rest assured that we at Division 18 Industries, Inc. are hard at work on issue #3, working hard under the belief that the highly-anticipated follow-ups to the critically-acclaimed, senses-shattering, ribs-tickling, 24-pages-having debut issue will be in stores soon.

So, to give you a taste of what goes on behind the scenes, here’s a peek at some penciled pages of issue #3…

Division 18 Issue 3 pencils

Division 18 Issue 3 pencils

Division 18 Issue 3 pencils

Division 18 Issue 3 pencils


  1. Peat

    Looks fantastic. I amazes me, the great strides forward your art takes from issue to issue. Each one seems an order of magnitude better than the last.

  2. Jeremy

    Thanks, man. I’m trying to get looser and use broader, more cartoony gestures. I hear that’s what people like in their funny-books.

  3. Matt

    I amazes me too, Bizarro Peat! Jeremy’s art also amazes me, but I iz amazed most by myself.

    There are at least 6 fans, not 3 (and not counting the creators), so if any of you are reading this — grab yer chicken suits and sandwich boards, and let the world know that YOU WANT YOUR D18!

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