hard boiled eggs

Client 18!

This has sure been a busy week for Division 18. First, after weeks of radio silence, Jeremy crawled out of his dungeon studio to show off some of his sweet issue 3 pencils. And now, The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers is embroiled in a scandal that would make even a New York Governor blush!

Bush is Client 18!

It looks like President Bush got a resurrection of his own this past weekend — in his pants! A series of lurid photos have surfaced of the Commander in Cheat romancing one of the Union’s own after an Easter event in Washington DC.

We hate to break it to you this way, G.W., but beneath those luscious lashes and sexy purple nightie is a guy named Frank. We’ve seen him without the mask and we can assure you – Frank is something Jesus definitely would not do!

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