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Conventional wisdom — the NYCC wrap-up

For our first show behind the table, and with product to sell, the 3rd annual NYCC was a great success! Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers was one of the key attractions at the Silent Devil Litte Foot booth #2353. Jeremy and I shared the space with fellow Silent Devil-ite and 2nd Assistant Frat Master General of Super Frat, Tony DiGerolamo, as well as the creative couple behind Little Foot’s latest kiddie title, Crumb Snatchers, artist Evan Keeling and writer Stephanie Butto. Silent Devil and Little Foot shared space at the show the same way they share space in the heart and mind of creator, publisher, wheeler and dealer, Christian Beranek, who was also on hand all weekend, signing copies of the collected Dracula vs King Arthur.

Here are a few photos from the weekend’s festivities:

Matt Bergin and Tony DiGerolamo and NY Comic-Con

Me and Tony DiGerolamo were worried during a slow patch on Saturday.

Tony DiGerolamo at NY Comic-Con

Luckily, things soon picked up… with a vengeance!

Matt Bergin, Stephanie Butto, and Evan Keeling

Here’s me again, this time with Team Crumb Snatchers at the Americans UK show on Saturday night. Drunk? Check. Tired? Check. Jam-sketching pics of Fat Colossus, our favorite costume of the weekend? Check. 

Jeff UK

Jeff Burandt — lead singer of Americans UK.. or just another costumed scab? You decide!

Lightsaber Nerds

Now THESE are definitely scabs. These Jedi jokers even solicited themselves for children’s birthday parties! Makes us want to slap the midichlorians out of them with a hockey stick!

Keeping it classy at the NYCC

Me again (that’s what Jeremy gets for bringing his camera!), signing D18 issue 1.

Matt Bergin and Josh Adams at NY Comic-Con

Here I am with issue 3 contributor and friend of the Union, Josh Adams. And what’s that in my hands? Some sweet, sweet art from the in-progress third part of the D18 saga. (More on that at a later date.)

Division 18 Original Art Contest Winners

One of the ways we conned enticed people to buy our book was by entering them into a raffle for some of Jeremy’s original art from issue 1. Congratulations to Saturday’s winner, Mark Kick, and Sunday’s winners (pictured above with Jeremy [finally in the shot] and Matt), John Kalafatis and Jackie Smith. (Save that art, kids — it’s gonna be worth dozens someday!)

That’s all for now. Look for more pics and memories from the show as they come, and other news on what’s to come for D18 for the rest of 2008 and beyond. We’re just getting started, people!


  1. Josh Adams

    Quote of the whole convention for me:

    Jeremy to Matt: “you look like a Baldwin” (in response to the photo of Matt and I with my artwork.)

    Thanks for the signed copy of issue one guys!

  2. Matt

    Not the standard pejorative, that’s for sure. He’s just jealous of my blazer.

  3. Jackie

    So this is what you were furiously typing all day….

  4. Mike

    Love that autograph signing shot… you should autograph a copy of it for me.

  5. Manny Mederos

    Hey Matt,

    It was great meeting you guys at Division 18 keep up the great work!

  6. Christian Beranek

    Had a great time, guys. Nothing but good things for the future.

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