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…and he still has his Division 18 guest spot in his back pocket!

Friday, April 25th, 2008

On the heels of his webcomic debut, The Greatest, the release of his very first sketchbook ever at the recent New York Comic Con, and a few appearances in the virtual pages of this very website, second-generation comic artist Josh Adams is about to appear on TV with the cast of Iron Man! Josh has been invited to serve as one of two guest illustrators on an upcoming episode of MTV’s TRL, shooting on Monday, April 28 – his 21st birthday! According to the show’s website, the episode is currently scheduled to air Thursday, May 1st.  


So, can we chalk this up to the D18 Bump?*




Not only is this a chance for Josh to show off his talent to a mainstream audience on nationwide television, it’s an opportunity for him to sneak in a plug for Division 18!

RETAILERS: Get ready for that swarm of squealing 12-year-old girls demanding the adventures of the mascot mafia by stocking up today!


TRL airs at 3:30 pm ET/PT on MTV. Check your listings for air dates for the ”Iron Man” episode of TRL.


        *Probably not, since the kid’s got comic greatness in his blood.