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Forget Bigfoot — “real” ninjas caught in the wild!

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

We could have run a post about that fake bigfoot story from last week, seeing how the dead sasquatch turned out to be nothing more than an old gorilla costume filled with old socks and rotten meat. But then we thought, what the hell’s so unusual about that? (We’ve got half a dozen old costumes filled with a wide variety of rotting crap out in the D18 garage.)

But we knew we HAD TO post some mention of this story, in which a couple of real life ninjas were caught trying to bust up a local drug ring. Sure, these two shmucks may have watched one too many Martin Lawrence-dressed-as-old-woman-cop movies to be inspired to such vigilante tactics, but they showed heart while doing it. But then again, can you still call yourself a ninja if you get caught?