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Meta Hype!

Our buddy, THE Peter V. Brett, wrote a little something on his blog about Division 18, so now I’m writing a little something here about him writing his little somthing. Follow?

Peat is on his way to being able to buy and sell each and every one of us, as he is in the process of conquering the world of fantasy fiction. His planned trilogy (the first book, The Warded Man, available now for pre-order) is being hailed by some as the next big thing in fanasy. His work has been called “unputdownable” — and that, my friends, isn’t even a real word!

Consider all the money you are saving because D18 is now online for free and buy his book.


What we’re seeing now…

What you’ve been seeing these past few weeks and will see for a few weeks to come are what we originally solicited as Division 18 issues #1-3. Actually, “Issue 3″ was never solicited as a stand alone, but it would have completed our initial offering for the Division 18 Trade Paperpack. We hope you enjoy the new content, even if it is a pain to lug into the bathroom.

So, what happened to those original solicited books? Shit happened, that’s what. Ain’t that always the case?

But Jeremy and I are happy we got as far as we did pushing our cruddy little gem through Silent Devil. At the end of the day, the realities of small press publishing — especially the ones that apply to black-and-white independent comedy comics created by a couple of no-name newbies — proved to be too much of an obstacle to ignore. Hence, the redesign. Let’s move on, shall we?

In ”issue 3,” which we’ll refer to from here on as “The Union Files,” you’ll get to see MY first crack at penciling some of the D18 crew’s antics. You’ll also finally get to see those long-promised pages from Josh Adams. And keeping it all together is the glue, Jeremy Donelson, with some pencils of his own, and ALL of the inks and letters. After “The Union Files,” Jeremy will even be kicking me to the curb from time to time to knock out some solo D18 stories (though they’ll still carry my rubber stamp of co-creation). Be sure to bookmark the site and subscribe to our RSS feed, and we’ll be sure to keep the new comics coming.

No more dealines. No more false promises. Hell, send us an e-mail and we’ll probably even take requests! THIS is the new place to get your complete Division 18 fix. Tell a friend. Punch an enemy. Support the Union!

~Matt Bergin

Yeah so… Division 18 is a web-comic.

This happened, and that happened, and then the other thing.

So yeah.

Some D18 praise from across the pond

The British are coming … to buy Division 18 comics

Still not sold on the Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers trade paperback? Well, former Marvel UK editor and the man behind the curtain at Down the Tubes and ROK Comics, John Freeman, had this to say about our TP preview:

“I really enjoyed this. It certainly puts new meaning into ‘costumed heroes’(!) The pace and script are strong, the humour evident throughout and the characterisation a delight.”

How can you argue with this guy? He’s British! (You can tell by the way he misspells “humor” and “characterization.”)

Looks like your only choice is to pre-order the book (Diamond Previews order code: Jul08-4207)

Bigger, Badder preview!

Check out these 16 pages from the upcoming Division 18 Collection! And make sure to ask your local comic store to order a copy for you… the Previews code is JUL08-4207.

Division 18 King

5 Reasons to Order the DIVISION 18 Trade Paperback NOW!

5. Never-before published material – 75% of this collection is 100% brand new!

4. Not only do you get the creative stylings of Matt Bergin and Jeremy Donelson, but you also get guest pencils by Josh Adams, making his print debut in a story about a furry convention gone bad!

3. The TPB includes a story about a furry convention gone bad. 

2. Mimi the Maid knows 14 ways to kill you with a feather duster … you don’t want to piss her off.

1. He may not be the hero you want, but Jimmy the Snake is the hero you deserve.

Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers TP is available NOW for pre-order in the July Previews catalog, page 326, order code: JUL08-4207.

Division 18 on CBP’s July Previews Podcast

Hey, Retailers! Have you ordered your stack of Division 18 TPBs from Diamond yet (order code: JUL08-4207)? Not yet? Hrm… okay, well check out the July Previews Podcast over at for some extra convincing!

UPDATE: Here’s the direct link to the interviews portion of the CBP Previews Spotlight, which features me, Jeremy, and publisher Christian Beranek. We come in at about 28 minutes.

CBP Logo

DIVISION 18 TPB is in Previews! (Diamond Order Code: JUL08-4207)

Hype machine, engage!

Division 18 TPB… coming soon!

The Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers TPB (srp $9.99) is in the July Diamond Previews catalog and awaiting your order.

Readers, tell your retailer!

Retailers, tell your readers!

(And someone tell Disney to give our man Christian a day off  from Kingdom Comics so he can get this thing to the printer!)

The order code is JUL08-4207.

New Pulse Interview: Division 18 waits for the trade!

I’ve got a new interview running over at The Pulse. Click on through to find out about the upcoming Division 18 trade paperback, some of my upcoming non-D18 projects, and a first-hand account of the hardships of small press publishing. And if none of that tickles your pickle, check it out for a round of Spot the Typos. Comma splices are worth double points!

D18 publisher gets keys to the Kingdom

Word on the street (specifically, on the corner of Press Release Road and Web Hype Boulevard) is that the Silent Devil himself, Christian Beranek, is part of the troika running the new Disney graphic novel division, Kingdom Comics. Check out the details here and here

I have only one question: Does this mean Division 18 is going to Disney World? There’s a certain pantsless duck the Union needs to have a few words with…

A scab’s a scab, even with corporate backing!