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The Whole Shebang — Division 18 for $1.99!

2007 is in the house — and it is dressed in an 8-foot-tall felt snake suit! Relive the greatest comic you missed the first time around. This is the entire 3 issues plus every extra I could pull together, including the full script for 3 mor…e issues that have so far gone unpublished. For $1.99, you cannot go wrong. I guarantee you will laugh at least four times, maybe more, over these 90+ pages. That’s like fifty cents a laugh! Our prices are INSAAAAAAaaaaaaaane!

Do it. Go on. Go. Do it.

FINALLY: Division 18 TPB Now Available For Direct Purchase!

Your miserable wait is over. Say goodbye to those anxious sweats and nervous twitches, because the fix you’ve been jonesing for is finally here: Division 18 Volume 1: The Final Chapter, our long-awaited trade paperback collection, is now available for direct purchase–by readers and retailers–from Go buy two!

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He Made Gumby, Dammit!

Art Clokey, the creator of that adorable, pointy-headed green glob of clay, Gumby, passed away on January 9th. This is a pretty significant (and sad) loss for the world of pop culture, in general, as I am not alone in having fond childhood memories of watching the surreal and imaginative adventures of Gumby and Pokey. And even recently, I’ve enjoyed the trippy all-ages comics about the clay boy and his clay horse by Bob Burden and Rick Geary. But it only just occurred to me how big a role Mr. Clokey played in the creation of Division 18 (and the old soul didn’t even know it)!

Think about it: if it weren’t for Clokey, we wouldn’t have Gumby, and if it weren’t for Gumby, we wouldn’t have Gumby parodies.

And if not for the original Gumby parody–a foul-mouthed, womanizing, chain-smoking creep in an 8-foot-tall, green-plush costume, who pals around with a dopey sidekick–would Jimmy the Snake have ever crawled his way out of the stinking depths of my subconscious?!

So, thank you, Art, wherever you are!

Division 18: The Movie!

…and by movie, I mean 4-minute trailer promoting the comic. But it does invole real live actors working from a script, and a production crew using real live, heavy, expensive equipment. And yes, that’s my daughter in the Monkey suit.

Division 18: The Movie

Check out Level 92 Films for more.

Help Name the D18 TPB!

We’ve had some false starts and some missteps over the last two years and three issues of Division 18, but the strike is over, we’ve run all the scabs out of town, and we’re ready to collect the series in a format that screams progress and looks to the future of the comic book industry: a printed tpb!

Just calling the book “Division 18: The Union of Novelty Costumed Performers” seems anticlimactic at this point, so we want YOUR help naming the collection. Help us choose from one of the following or reply with your own suggestions. When the book goes live on for order, you may be the proud recipient of a virtual pat on the back.

Here are the title ideas so far:

“Division 18: The Union Files”
“Division 18: Union Dues”
“Division 18 Volume 1: The Final Chapter”
“Division 18 Kills Print Dead”
“Division 18: The Union Strikes”

What do you think, union supporters?

New Division 18?! Our First PRINTED D18 Since 2007 Is Here!

Jimmy the Snake represents da’ union in 8 pages of the new DC Conspiracy Dremo’s Taphouse anthology, which makes it’s official print debut at SPX 2009 and is already available for order online from Comixpress!

There’s also an additional non-D18 4-page story in the book written by me and illustrated by Renzo Ventrella–so whether you support the union, support me, or just want to support small press comics, be sure to get yourself a copy of The Spoils of Crime!

Just one of those days…


Matt Bergin’s new blog…

You think it’s all Division 18 all the time for us around here, don’t you, chumpy? Well, if you haven’t noticed, the last page of D18 posted on this site came about a long time ago, and we’ve been busy with other things!

There will be some actual D18-specific news by the end of the summer, but in the meantime, you should check out my new personal, Donelson-free blog, No Cure For Comics.

I mean now. Go!

Personal Security: Just One of Many Services Provided by the Union

We will guard your body, but you’ll have to walk your own dog.

D18 vs Doctor Dremo

Division 18 will be making a guest appearance in the next genre-themed anthology from The DC Conspiracy — “Doctor Dremo’s Taphouse of Tall Tales & Short Stories: The Spoils of Crime.”

I’m still writing our lovably costumed mooks, but the new 4-page piece will be illustrated by a guy named Renzo Ventrella. As you might guess, Jeremy got in deep with his bookie, who sent Renzo to stomp on his fingers and break his pencils…but these comics ain’t gonna draw themselves, and the big lug agreed to knock out a few doodles himself, fuggeddabouditt. Check out the pages in progress below.

As for hooking up with the DCC, maybe it has something to do with our mutual affinity for ridiculously long comic titles. But whatever the reason, crime will be spoiled. Stay tuned here and at the DC Conspiracy site for updates.

Alright, alright, calm down. You’ll be able to get the finish story (and more) when The Spoils of Crime goes on sale in a couple of months. In the meantime, the latest offerring from Doctor Dremo’s Taphouse, “The Horrors of War,” is available now for order from ComixPress and includes two stories written by yours truly! Order your copy of “Doctor Dremo’s Taphouse of Tall Tales and Short Stories: The Horrors of War” from ComixPress today!

~Matt B